.Net (read-only) Data Providor for dBase

Beta 1 release notes


A read-only data provider for reading dbase (foxBase) files with ADO.net.

SourceForge Project


It's been tested with a dBase IV database, only.


To use it in SQL 2005 SSIS copy dBase.Data.dBASEClient.dll to your %system%\assembly\ folder.


Then in your SSIS project add a Connection Manager for ADO.net.  Select any provider we are going to change it by hand in a minute.  Now right-click on your new connection manager and select properties.


Change Qualifier to

dBase.Data.dBASEClient.dBASEConnection,dBase.Data.dBASEClient,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f763b60d7f8c7bc7


It's case sensitive.


Change the Connection String to

Data Source=<Path to your DB>;


That's it.  Now add a Data Reader and select your connection and set your command text to SELECT * FROM <DB Name>


Some notes:


* DB Name is the name of the file without the mdx extension. 

* For now you can enter any field you want the system isn.t going to care.

What does that mean you ask? No Joins, where clause, field filtering, or field rearranging allowed.  Basically enter what ever you want the system is never going to give you more then .SELECT TOP n * FROM table..  This will change with the next release (to some extent). 

* There are no plans to ever allow for JOIN or a WHERE clause more complicated then field1 = 1 and fiel2 = 2 or field2 = 9. 


The Test app that comes with the zip file will automatically setup all your connection string information for you, just select a file.


There will be more documentation to come with the full release.  As always this is a beta is has not been fully tested.  Use at your own risk, no support provided, extra, extra...